lunedì 19 novembre 2012

Attivatore Windows 8+Office Retail v.1.4 Paky

Activator Windows 8 /Office Retail  v.1.4 beta Paky
Compatible with all versions of Windows 8 !

This new release of Paky, further improves the Loader.
Agiggiunge On / Off delòa modalitò permanent.
You can choose between one and Loader KMS.
"Note: the new 1.4 updates itself automatically with every new release by Paky89!"

No Virus??? Verify:

MD-5: B72ABE1D10074ADE732414C8FEE04389

SHA-1: DEC0BA4561D9E6117DBE3FB23E4C8D2EE5B8F653

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